Hi there! My name is Meredith Privott, and I am a graduate student at Old Dominion University in the English Studies program. I’m testing my blogging skills for the first time ever through this very site, and using this site as a way to explore a passion of mine: Native American Literary and Cultural studies. And no, I’m not Native American, to the best of my knowledge–I am however deeply moved by ¬†American Indian aesthetics of language and art, and by the hugely significant sociopolitical context(s) which underlies American Indian language, art, and culture.

I’ll do my best on this site to explore and discuss a community I am not a part of, but that I respect; please correct me if you as the reader believe I stray into areas I probably shouldn’t. Or, even better, direct me to channels I should move into.

Last but not least, as I’m new to world of blogging (hence the oh snap!), please feel free to leave me any tips, tricks, or advice you think would help me on what I hope is a long journey.

Thanks, and welcome!



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